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Three Rivers Greenway


The Three Rivers Greenway consists of a series of riverfront paths located where the Saluda, Congaree and Broad Rivers convene.  The paved trail way makes it an easy place to walk, run, or ride a bicycle, and the rivers provide the perfect landscape for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Spectacular views of the Columbia skyline make for a beautiful natural location that is enjoyable both day and night.


The Three Rivers Greenway is host to a wide variety of wildlife and foliage.  The winding paths are shaded by numerous tree species including sycamore, sweet gum, ash, paper mulberry, paw paw, oak, and river birch.  Chimney swifts take nest under the Greenway’s bridges, and an abundance of fish and aquatic life grace the river waters. Benches placed at various locations along the pathways allow for an opportunity to pause and take in all of the natural beauty the Three Rivers Greenway has to offer.  

Additional Highlights

Some other great features of the Three Rivers Greenway include:

• An outdoor amphitheater

• Lighted trails, call boxes, and regular police control for night safety

• Clean restrooms

• Dog friendly paths

• Convenient kayak and canoe access points

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