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South Carolina


Wedged between North Carolina, Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina is famous for its beautiful beaches and warm climate. As the first state to secede from the Union and home to the site of America’s first military victory, South Carolina holds a critical role in our country’s history. Its modern day draws of unique shops and exciting nightlife combined with its old cobblestone streets and historic battle grounds, make for a charming southern state that is both a pleasure to inhabit and a joy to visit.



Inland South Carolina’s inland terrain is typically flat and its soil rich with sediments such as silt, clay, and sand. While some its land is quite swampy, areas that have adequate drainage make for excellent farmland. Numerous fruit orchards scatter the countryside, producing bushels of fresh, juicy peaches, strawberries, and blueberries in the summertime. The Blueridge Mountains to the west serve as a challenging place to hike and bike, and provide stunning mountaintop views of the Carolina skyline.

Coastline Wide, sandy beaches make up the eastern coastline bordering the Atlantic. Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Edisto Island and Fripp Island are popular vacation spots, each known for distinctive features such as beachside campsites and wildlife sanctuaries. Historic Charleston beaches feature such attractions as 19th century lighthouses and a seven-mile long barrier reef.

Bodies of Water

There are a number of fresh and salt water bodies peppered throughout South Carolina’s landscape.  The state’s coastline hosts numerous estuaries and salt marshes, in addition to natural ports like Charlestown and Georgetown. Multiple lakes, streams, rivers, waterfalls, oval-shaped bays, as well as the Atlantic Ocean bordering the east coast, make this state a superb destination for avid kayakers, white water rafters, parasailors, boaters, and swimmers.

A few popular South Carolinian water attractions include:

     •    Lake Jocassee

     •    Brasstown Falls

     •    Edisto River

     •    Great Peedee River

     •    Lake Marion (the state’s largest lake)

     •    Tyger River

     •    Saluda River

     •    Congaree River

     •    Broad River

Unique State Facts and Additional Highlights

      • South Carolina contains 4 state forests and 46 state parks.

      •  About 33 miles from Bicycle City, the lush and vibrant gardens of Middleton Place Plantation are the oldest, and among the most distinguished gardens in America. Full of ponds, footpaths, and terraces, the gardens have been in thriving since 1741.

      • Surprisingly, South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia. Peak peach season months are June and July.

      • South Carolina boasts a variety of gorgeous azalea bushes, which typically bloom during the last few weeks in March, and the beginning of April.

     • South Carolina’s state tree is the Palmetto Tree, which is emblazoned on the state flag.

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