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South Carolina State Farmers Market


The South Carolina Farmer's Market is now open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


 Farmers markets are becoming increasingly popular all across the nation. By buying fresh, locally produced food, Americans can support their local economies and choose to adopt a healthier, more environmentally responsible diet.

Purchasing produce and goods that are grown and made close to home is beneficial to the planet as well as to people. Locally grown and produced food, in contrast to food shipped from around the globe, requires:

  • Less fossil fuels to transport goods
  • Less energy and
  • Less disposable packaging to maintain products’ freshness
 Products: Delicious fruits and vegetables, breads, and other homemade goods are offered for sale at the market. Providing fresh, in-season produce is one of the greatest perks of farmers markets. Fruits are sweeter, vegetables more flavorful, and the nutritious value of foods is increased when eaten in the season in which nature intended them to grow.

To find out what produce is in-season in South Carolina, visit: http://www.scstatefarmersmarket.com/products/seasonal-calendar/

 Local Food Resources

There are numerous South Carolina organizations dedicated to educating the public about locally grown food. The sites listed below are full of great information about the local food movement:

Certified South Carolina




Carolina Farm Stewardship Association


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