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Green Building School

green-building-school.jpgGreen building is one of the bright sides of the housing slump.  As energy
costs continue to rise, it will be even more important for people to have
homes that save energy and money.  What better place to have a green
building school than Bicycle City, where every single structure will have
some form of alternative energy as part of its energy needs and a green
certification of some kind.

The Green Building School is in the planning stages, and we welcome any ideas you may have to help us create a great place to learn.

Potential Programs include:   

  • History of Building Green/Case Studies   
  • LEED Certification Training   
  • Professional Green Building   
  • Do It Yourself Green Building Training   
  • Building Small/Eco-Friendly Homes   
  • Solar Energy   
  • Wind Energy   
  • Geo-Thermal Energy   
  • Natural Building Materials   
  • Environmental Preservation   
  • Radiant Heating & Cooling   
  • Green Building Technologies   
  • Other Programs Online Only